New Eden is a game where you play as a young girl who has the ability to control her shadow. She was taken into an institution called New Eden, and she was subjected to the facility's tests and research. This game follows her escape. 

How to Play:

Use AD to move as girl and WASD to move as shadow.

Press the Spacebar to jump as the girl.

Use Shift to gain control of the shadow.

The Escape button will pause the game.

Press E to do a multitude of things such as: hide, enter a room, possess a guard, and interact with light switches.

Beware of the guards, if they catch you it's game over.

Also watch out for light, because it will significantly reduce the time available as the shadow.

 (Important: Light switches are small lightly colored squares that look somewhat like a light switch. They are the only interactive objects in game that don't give a visual notification when standing next to one.)




Andrew Billiard

Brandon Foster

Emily Hilt

Noah Souser

Brittany Talkington


Specific Developer Jobs


Lead Artist - Brittany Talkington

Audio - Andrew Billiard

Lead Level Designer - Brandon Foster
Level Designer - Brittany Talkington
Level Designer - Emily Hilt
Level Designer - Andrew Billiard

Lead Narrative Writer - Emily Hilt

Lead Programmer - Noah Souser
Programmer - Brandon Foster

UI Designer - Noah Souser





Zombie Hoodoo
Children's Theme
Distant Tension

Music by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


Light Switch On by Nicole Marie T
alarm by yd
Door open/close by Iwan Gabovitch

Key Pickup made in BFXR by Andrew Billiard




October Crow Font by Sinister Fonts

Another Typewriter Font by Johan Holmdahl


New Eden Build 35 MB

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